Class Descriptions



Pre-School Combo is a one-hour class that consists of instruction in ballet & tap in 30-minute intervals for children ages 3-5. This class has been created with the preschooler’s mind at heart. With the use of creative movement, the imagination, and a fun-filled environment, the preschool age child is able to successfully learn basic dance steps and terminology needed to advance to the beginner levels of dance.


balletBallet at Kane & Co. is split up into three different levels which consist of the beginner, the beginner/intermediate and the intermediate levels. The beginner level of ballet is designed for girls ages 5-7 years old. It focuses on level 1 ballet techniques which consist of, but is not limited to, correct body placement and movement, simple ballet terminology, and simple turns. The beginner/intermediate level is a very thorough review of the techniques taught in the beginner level, but goes a little more in depth with the techniques.  The intermediate level of ballet is designed for girls ages 9-12 years old. This level focuses on level 2 ballet techniques which is more in depth with the ballet terminology, simple across the floor exercises are introduced, and barr and center floor exercises are used for strengthening and conditioning. Jumps, leaps, and turns are also a major focus in this level. More levels of ballet will be created as Kane & Co. progresses.


Tap at Kane & Co. is split up into three levels. These levels consist of beginner tap, beginner/intermediate tap, and intermediate tap. Beginner tap focuses on children ages 5-7 yrs. old. Within the beginner level, we incorporate both level 1 barr and center floor tap techniques. This teaching system is designed to instruct each beginner the basics of tap in the most simplistic way possible. These beginner basic steps consist of shuffles, shuffle ball change, shuffle hop, the buffalo step, and many more. Our next level at Kane & Co. is the beginner/intermediate level. This level of tap is for ages 6-8 yrs. old. It focuses on the level 2 tap techniques. This class begins with a review of all level 1 techniques and introduces level 2 tap which consists of the basics of the famous time steps.  Intermediate tap is currently the top level of tap offered at this time. Intermediate tap is for ages 9-12yrs. Within this level, we do a comprehensive review of level 2 tap techniques and move into level 3 tap where we turn it up a notch. More levels of tap will be established as Kane & Co. progresses.


jazzJazz at Kane & Co. is fun, exciting, and exhilarating. It is split into three levels: beginner jazz, beginner/intermediate jazz, and intermediate jazz. Within beginner jazz, which has been created for children ages 5-7 yrs. old, simple jazz terminology and techniques are the main focus of this class. Next is the beginner/intermediate jazz, which is primarily for children ages 6-8 yrs old. This class is a thorough review of beginner jazz and then goes a step further with introducing the pirouette turn along with other combinations to be done across the floor. Intermediate jazz, the top level of jazz at this time, is for children ages 9-12yrs. This level of jazz teaches techniques and combination’s that are more difficult and are choreographed with a higher level of dance in mind.


hiphopHip Hop at Kane & Co. is funky, stimulating, and exciting. It is a style of dance that mixes jazz and break dancing or street dancing. It has become one of the most popular dance styles in recent years. Kane & Co. offers three classes of hip hop, one for children 7-9 years old, one for children 9-12 years old and the other in teen hip hop for children ages 13 & up. Come and check it out.

You can order many of these items through us at Kane & Co. compliments of Revolution Dancewear.  You may also find all of these dance attire items and shoes at either TuTus & Dance Shoes on Verandah Drive in Augusta.   Please take the class attire form with you so that the dance wear shops can better assist you.

The Student Incentive Program

The Student Incentive Program rewards those dancers who are loyal and committed to Kane & Co.  This does not mean that they are the best dancers at Kane & Co., but that they are the most dedicated dancers at Kane & Co. over a period of time.  Therefore, all dancers who complete three, five, seven, nine, and eleven consecutive dance years with Kane & Co. will receive a trophy that rewards them for their loyalty and commitment.  Basically it is every odd year after three and the years do not start over after you reach three, they only accumulate, but they must be consecutive.  All incentive trophies are presented at the end-of-the-year spring dance recital.  So thank you dancers, and Good Luck!